Want to share my passion for breeding in accordance with official standards and a desire to produce subjects of very good origin and quality.


Selection for you of the best subjects by breeds. Sends fertilized eggs, chicks and chickens.


A question ? This is where it happens. 

My motivation

I am a breeder, I select my breeders carefully. I choose them according to I am a breeder, I select my breeders carefully.


I choose them according to their performances on exhibitions, their results ... and I work in order to make the best associations to improve the breed and optimize the standard. For this my chickens are distributed in parks by race and color, so I preserve the quality of each species and I avoid consanguinity.


My animals are vaccinated and dewormed.

I am concerned about animal welfare and I do not pile my chickens on
each other with the sole concern of producing. My chickens are raised in the
open air, brought in every night - sheltered from predators - they have access to quality food, clean water and the elements necessary for their good development.